Puppy Fever

Sunday, January 27, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I'm really sorry for the last few blog posts without pictures. Things have gotten busy (don't ask which, I don't want to come up with something), ideas have been floating around, and puppies are in the air! That's right. I somehow convinced the Mr. to come see a puppy with me today. He's a three month old mini Australian shepherd/pomeranian cross. He has one blue eye and one brown and was born on Halloween. He is the perfect dog for us! And I knew that if I could convince the Mr. to come see him, then that was it, the battle was won and we were getting a puppy!

I'm picking him up in an hour and am pretty excited. I just wanted to give you a quick update and not leave you hanging. There will be pictures in my next post and most likely of my new puppy.

P.S. We need a name for him. We want something nerdy and possibly video game related or something nerdy that has to do with his two different coloured eyes. I know it's hard to name so here's a picture the owners took.

It doesn't count as a blog with a picture because I didn't take that picture.
What do you think?

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