Puppy er... Love

Tuesday, January 29, 2013Virginia Bilinski

Last week my goal for Today was to publish my first video podcast. The sudden addition of a very tiny and leaky crocodile has postponed that for now. My new goal for a video podcast is for Friday. I'm just worried there won't be a whole lot to talk about knitting wise because there hasn't been a lot of time to knit.

Yesterday was a complete disaster training wise. He refused to use the training pads and decided that the new rug was the best bathroom. He also decided that my Macbook power cable was the best chew toy possible. He nibbles like a crocodile and dribbles like a leaky faucet! I understand that puppies are puppies and they are teething and can't hold it and don't know better and a number of other things, but I also had to wonder if I was doing something wrong.

I read many many pages on obedience training online and received numerous other instructions from friends and family. As I tried to take it all in while I attempted to tame the wild beast (of fluff) I came to a realization, which may have happened around the 4th or 5th piddle on the floor. I realized that I had to assess my own situation and decide which methods would work best for us. And this has been a success!

Since making my own decisions on puppy training methods we have yet to have an accident in the house or destroy anything that wasn't his own toy. We've got baby gates installed in the kitchen so he can run around freely in there while I get things done like cleaning the kitchen and folding the laundry (which is impossible with a puppy trying to steal your socks). We've started taking him outside to use the bathroom and he seems to enjoy it, even though I sure don't, brr!

I've also been able to get some knitting done today. He had a busy morning of playing in the snow, eating some breakfast, and trying to get the peanut butter out of the middle of his bone. He's finally having a little puppy nap so I can finally get some work done on my stripy socks for my mom's belated birthday gift. They're already 13 days late because I've been distracted with parties and sweaters and now puppies.

Now my battery is running low and I should probably go dig out the other power cable so I will leave you with this picture of adorableness.

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