Tour de Fleece Week 1

Saturday, June 29, 2013Virginia Bilinski

Today is day one of Tour de Fleece and my goals are already through the window. This weekend happens to be the Canada Day long weekend and I am at the cabin all weekend. I couldn't fit my wheel in the car and I absolutely suck with my spindle and didn't want to waste fiber on it. This means that my goal of spinning every day is already dashed.

This means that I will have to change my goals up or, most likely, I'll just try to spin everyday after the long weekend. Or maybe I'll try to spin for a certain amount of hours. Say 20 min a day so those 4 days I've missed means I need to spin for an hour and 40 min to catch up. This might work for me since I've been busy with my shop opening soon so I'll have to take time from working to put towards my crafts which is the whole reason the business can exist in the beginning. This sounds like a pretty good plan.

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