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Wednesday, March 18, 2015Ginny B

At what point does something become "not worth it"? How many hours,trials, errors and frustration must be wasted on a thing to make it worth abandoning? I'm not talking about knitting now or even my business, but my photography. I'm not going to stop taking pictures or anything either.

I've been fighting with my light box for about a year and a half now, maybe almost two. For one it's rather large and cumbersome. It does fold down into a kind of briefcase thing but that means the backdrop gets folded as well and it's kind of cheap and creases horribly. I don't particularly enjoy getting out the large ironing board and iron to fix that so I kind of leave it sitting in the corner taking up space and gathering fiber and dust.

And the lights, they're horrible! They keep falling over, casting horrible shadows, the bulbs fall out of the sockets and they burn holes in the light box! My dad and I tried to come up with a solution with different lights, new set ups, ect, but they all seemed more cumbersome than the original light box. We fought with directing the light, different bulbs, and a variety of placements but to no avail.

After so much time and effort, I've deemed the old box insufficient and it's not costing me money because it's so messed up I have been unable to properly photograph my new yarns and Jordana Paige bags I'm looking to sell. I went ahead and bit the bullet and purchased a fancy new light box with three proper lights that come with diffusers so I can also use them for lighting my podcast! Hopefully, for the first time in three years I won't have to complain about bad lighting on my podcast.

It should be here within the next week or so, along with a large shipment of yarn! This week's update might be delayed because of this though, but I'll do my absolute best. If there isn't much new arriving, I'll be sure to have a sale or a surprise for you.

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