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Never Enough

Thursday, April 25, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I've probably already said this, but there's never enough time. I have to fit food, shower, work, knitting, cooking, chores, hubby time, and sometimes video games into a day. It's just not possible. And the chores, cooking, and knitting have been suffering because of this lack of time. The knitting is tempting me to sit down, relax, and enjoy myself for a little while. But I just can't give in to the knitting because the dishes are starting to turn into muppets and my stomach is growing at me and telling me to go to the store and but it some food.

Thankfully, I have about five days off in a row. And they're going to be the busiest five days ever since I have to get my house in order before the next spurt of work/eat/sleep starts. And I mean total house clean which includes the floor, baseboards, and windows. The whole thing. And I know you're probably sitting there, in disbelief or possibly yelling "but what about the knitting?!?!?!," never fear, dear knitters, never fear. I have all Friday to myself. I plan to get my knit on, dye my hair, and attend the two Virtual Knit Night events that I have set up in the group. I really really hope that my 9" circulars will arrive tomorrow so I can work on my Witches' be Trippin socks without haveing the little laddering nonsense going on. (You know, the annoying line that runs up your sock where your needles meet so you have to keep moving your needles back and fourth a few stitches to avoid it)

No pic today. :(

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