VKN Success!

Thursday, March 28, 2013Virginia Bilinski

We had our first Virtual Knit Night today and it was pretty fun. TheRovingLampman and knitinsanity showed up and we had ourselves a grand time. Therovinglampman is working on a really pretty shawl that began looking like a napkin because it was on such small needles and knitinsanity is working on some Catching Butterfly mits by Tiny Ow Knits and she just started her first toe up pair of socks. I also found an awesome Lord of the Rings esque book of sock patterns that I need to buy. I moved my So Square socks onto my Karbonz needles and really loved them once I got used to the density of them. (I'll do a review once I finished the sock)

I would really love for this to be a weekly or bi-weekly event. Maybe a weekday and a weekend event would be nice. My new job is scheduling me some pretty random shifts right now so I won't be able to make a definite schedule but I would love to schedule it in whenever it would work.

Right now, I'm working on felting my Hopsalots bunny slippers. I really hope (and doubt) that they will dry before Easter, but we shall see. I'm hopinh to finish Clarus and get some work on one of my pairs of socks this weekend, but I doubt it since Easter is a busy family time for me.

I got some new gold stitch markers from Knit Picks when I ordered the yarn. There's a lot, they're super small and light and thin so having the 30 or so there are on the shawl isn't weighing it down at all. I think I'll save these for my next shawl pattern.

I hope everyone has a good Easter Holiday. I'll try to blog during the weekend, but if not, see you Monday!

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