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Friday, March 06, 2015Ginny B

I've been trying to be more active on social media but it's hard to not show favoritism to one medium. I would say it's like picking a favorite child, but it's really not because some are clearly better than others (unlike children.. clearly, because they're all equal, or so my mom tells me.) And it's a problem of finding a balance on what to share on facebook, twitter, instagram, ravelry, this blog, and my podcast. I'm pretty sure you would lose interest if I told you the same thing 5 ways in the same day or even the same week. I want to avoid being a broken record.

So how will I manage this? Well, if you know me at all then you clearly know that Instagram is my favoured media. I'll post a pick of a new yarn, my dog, food, stuff, yarn and things. Whatever tickles my fancy and feels like it's worth sharing. I'll also post announcements on instagram and I'll have that share to twitter, which links to my facebook so all three get the important news for sure. And Sometimes I'll post an article or other things to facebook.

The real challenge is the blog and the podcast. I think I'll try to keep the blog more lifestyle, so things going on with me, Miles, big shop developments, just things I want to write about but don't necessarily fit into the podcast. And the podcast I'll focus non my knitting, announcements, Ravelry group notes and contests, shop info, and shop yarn porn.

Inevitably, there will still be some overlap because I'll be excited about some yarn thing and have to post it here to talk about and really get into the subject or technique or opinions. I try to keep the podcast light and entertaining, but the blog is more my outlet.

Since I haven't podcasted yet and shown this off, I'm going to add it to this post. I've finally picked up my Arenaria tank top and I'm almost done the body of it! After the plain body bit, the tricky bit happens with the binding off, patterned neck, dividing stitches and all of those terrifying things I haven't done before! This is going to be my first real piece of knitted clothing I'll complete and I can feel the anxiety growing with each stitch closer I get to the horrible dividing of the stitches.

I know I have instructions, and I know I'm good at following them and I can handle myself, but it's still daunting! What it I mess up? What if it doesn't fit? I think this tank is so pivotal to me because if I can finish this, then I can knit a sweater. I currently have two sweaters cast on, and a third, the Ginny Cardigan (which will be my second finished clothing item) ready to go and a fourth (the terrifying Vivian) already planned out.
Ginny Cardigan

I'm hoping to finish Arenaria in the next week or so (in time for spring/summer too) and I'll order the Amy Herzog book to go with my class and do my best to have Ginny finished by October so I can have a warm sweater for the winter. I also have plans to knit an Evenstar from my Adelie lace, the baby alpaca/cashmere/silk lovely and then gradient dye the finish shawl, which will probably be more nerve wracking than the finishing of Arenaria.

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