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Episode 7: Not Eleven

Thursday, April 11, 2013Virginia Bilinski

Episode 7: Not Eleven from PenguinSoup on Vimeo.

So Square by Anne Hanson
Malabrigo Sock in Alucaucil
2.5mm Karbonz

Fos/Hexipuff of the week:
One made from Knit Picks Felici in Hummingbird
Other made from Storybook Art & Fiber Luxury Sock in Sunset


What's Next?
Laura Nelkin's Juego MKAL Starting April 12

Review Something:
Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel

Cool Stuff!
New Camera used for the first time

Knitsinsanity gifted me "Rescue me, chin boy, and show me the stars" socks. Hoping to finish hubby's socks asap so I can work on those in the Hiawassi Dyeworks Black Ice bfl sock.

Stitch markers are done and being mailed out this weekend! Sorry for the wait!
~Going to make some more markers and put them on etsy. Watch for a discount code next week~

The winner of the Tardis through the ages bag is:
#19 dptemple

Kirby Wirby Contest!

KirbyWirby Interview:
Q. When and how did you start knitting?

A: I’ve been knitting since around 2006(I think)I was single at the time and bored one day and said “im going to learn how to knit today” so I went and bought one of those starter kits with plastic needles and a pamphlet. That’s like learning to ballroom dance from a leaflet. I needed to see the motion to I went to YouTube! I have always longed for a creative outlet but I can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t draw- but when I made that first stitch and realized I had it- I knew I had found MY craft. I just felt right in my hands and I fell in love with it.

Q: How/why did you start dying?

A: I started dyeing just for myself for fun. Last September I was in the yard and sweating to death( i live n South Carolina) walking around 2 chairs 14 ft apart to make a huge loop so I could dye it in long sections. Someone saw my stripey FO socks on Ravelry and asked if I was going to sell my yarn because she would buy it. My ears perked up. I bought the proper equipment so I could section the yarn off inside without having to walk around chairs. Opened my Etsy shop and to my surprise people bought it. I’m having so much fun!

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your colours?

A: Sometimes I will come up with a color combo I like first, sometimes a name. I usually dye whatever pops into my mind. i look online at photos of everything under the sun looking for colors that pop together. My favorite combinations are colors that usually would not go together but contrast highly in a sock. Like bright orange and baby blue.

Q: How do you come up with the awesome names for your colourways?

A: Some colorways practically name themselves. One example is my Skating Rink1987 with strobe light sparkle. It screams 80s. Others, not so much. If I hear something funny, ill try to make a mental note to use it for a colorway name. I was watching Downton Abbey and sir Antony said ” have you done something jolly with your hair?” I knew it was a colorway. If I can think of something funny for a colorway, that’s the way I want to go. “OrangeCounty:Sippin on Hatorade” now those are fun socks to knit :)

How To Win It:
1. You must be a member of the group
2. Check out her etsy shop, ravelry featured yarns, or The KnitGirllls pimp yourself thread in their group.
3. Post in the thread with your favourite colourway of hers OR name up to four of your favourite colours and come up with a colourway name for it and post that. Which ever you post with will be what you could win.

Coupon Code: PenguinSoup1

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