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Saturday, April 13, 2013Virginia Bilinski

As the Pandarens in World of Warcraft are quick to tell you, slow down. These past two weeks have been a constant stream of work, eat, sleep. I haven't even had time to stop and smell the coffee because if I had taken the time to make a coffee, the I would have been late. I have been running myself ragged and it's not healthy nor is it enjoyable and it needs to change.

I've only been living in Manitoba for about three years now. I went to school for two of those, but I was never quick to make friends. I even tried going to knitting groups to make a few friends in the province who shared the same interests as me, but that never happened either. So I started spending more time on Craftster and Ravelry and made some friends there. I met Laura on the Tiny Owl Knits Ravelry group and we've been chatting for a bit over a year now. This whole long explanation is going somewhere, just hold on. This past week Laura has been running around like crazy as well. She tried messaging me a few times, but we kept responding when we could and it took forever for the other to answer. Totally understandable and crazy and I hope her baby's fever goes away and the new puppy behaves!

Thursday and Friday I had to stay home with a hurt foot. I had been working and running around so much that one of my toes went numb. I went to see a doctor and he said I needed a support bar for my shoe, some anti inflammatory drugs and some rest. I had to stay home. I even tried to put my shoes on and walk around for a bit but my foot wasn't having any of it.

Segway again, last year, I saw in Let's Knit! magazine that someone was looking for a pen pal. I decided to write to her, and that's how I met Katie. We chatted back and fourth for a bit and realized we both love knitting, video games, and nerdy culture. Life got busy and I wasn't able to respond as much and kind of forgot for a while. I started talking to her again and we spent a lot of time chatting these past two days. She has helped me to realize that I need to rest, slow down, and enjoy doing the thing I want to do. We've even spent a bit of time browsing yarns together, which I realized is actually ok. You don't have to browse with the intent to buy, sometimes it's alright to just enjoy the beautiful fibres from afar. And sometimes, you just can't help yourself.

This rest and relaxing has really helped to put me into a spring like spirit. I want to knit light and airy pieces with bright and beautiful colours. I want my house to be clean and the fresh air to run through it. There's only one problem with that though. I live in Manitoba. While most of the world has grass and has maybe had a nice day to sit out side or two. We're just starting to hit positive degrees and there are only a few patches of grass here or there. The rest of the grass is buried beneath almost a foot of snow still. This officially marks the 6th month of winter and I want it gone! I want to stay relaxed and comfortable, but outside and not by the fireside!

I'm hoping to get back to blogging about three times a week. The reason I haven't been is I was so busy so I didn't have time for crafting and therefore, had nothing to say. I'm working on hanging this.

Until next time,

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