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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Monday, February 23, 2015Ginny B

I've been trying to write this post as for a while now as it's difficult to choose what to share. The internet is a big, wide open place and it can be difficult to balance what the world sees. It's too easy to focus on the good and only share the best moments because who really wants to show others their bad side? But I feel that it's important to  have a bit of balance and share some of the bad, but not all of the personal details.

Over the past five or so months, I've been hiding from the internet. There was so much bad in my life that it was just too much effort to fake happy or to even smother and tuck all of the bad under the rug. It just kept oozing out and into every aspect of my life. And you may have noticed that I have more of a presence now, and that I'm much closer to being my old self again, if not better. But it has taken a lot of courage, strength and fight to get me to where I am.

I'm choosing to share this with you because my hardship had effected my business and my clubs were shipping later and later, and I wasn't able to have regular updates. I had no inspiration or motivation left. I felt so guilty because I wasn't able to supply my club members with the dedication, timeliness and service that they deserved. When I filled them in on the situation, I was overwhelmed by thier response of love, kindness and support. Instead of messaging me and asking why their package was late, I was receiving messages of support asking if I was alright and offering encouragement. I really do have the best fans ever and that support has really helped me through this time in my life.

I recently/ am kind of currently going through a divorce. It was a drastic situation and I had to uproot my whole life and leave the city I had called home for the past six years within a week to move back to my dads. I had to pack, make travel arrangements, and try to survive with no money for that week as our joint bank account was closed. The transition to living with my parents again was difficult as I had been on my own for almost eight years. I had to clean out space for my room and my office, find a job and find myself again.

It has been a long five months and I can finally see the light. Soon the whole ordeal will be past me and I'll be able to move on and be better than ever. Thank you for your continued concern and your continued support.

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