New Beginnings

Monday, August 19, 2013Virginia Bilinski

Beings a student for most of my life, it feels to me as though September is the beginning of a new year, and not January 1st. (My birthday if you didn't know) September brings about so many changes that I don't understand how it's not the official start of a new year. (I studied this once and should know why)

September marks the official beginning of Autumn, and in Canada that's a big deal. It's the official end of summer. (I know you know this) The end of the warm days, carefree times, and occasionally the lack of schedule and the loss of track of time. It's also the beginning of  colder and darker days. Days where it's -40 (celsius and farenheit, same thing) and that's without windchill. In those temperatures your exposed skin will freeze in a matter of minutes. Days where 6 hours of daylight is a blessing and seeing the sun is akin to a miracle. (Remind me why I live here again!) Autumn is like the last huzzah, a time to enjoy and relish to fortify your soul against the onslaught of winter. Both a beginning and an end.

This last year I was not a student. I took some time to "find myself" as dumb as it sounds and I'm glad I did. I have done a great many things that I probably would not have done while in school. I started my podcast and started blogging (occasionally) again. And I've started my home business dyeing hand painted (and now a few striping) yarns. I've done other things but lets keep this crafty. And while I've done all of these things, I've noticed that I haven't taken the time to organize myself and make a plan. And a plan is exactly what's about to happen.

I've brought out the trusty 4 month wall calendar and have set to planning out everything. And I mean everything. Classes, exams, homework schedules are the first to go up, then recording dates, podcast uploads, shop updates, even blog posts and a dyeing schedule. I'm going to have to get and stay really organized if I'm going to make this work out.

I've got a great deal of new things to release in the shop and if I'm going to do regular updates, plus these new things while in school I'm going to have to schedule just about everything I do. You might be thinking "who would want such a busy life?" and that would be me. And why? Because I love whatI do and want to continue doing it for as long as I can.

And yes, very big things to be released very soon in the shop. Stay tuned!

P.S. Regular blogging is not scheduled to start until September, so don't expect a whole lot until then. Sorry, but I need to spend my time preparing my schedule before it can take effect.

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