Unsuccessful Knitting Day 2

Friday, March 08, 2013Virginia Bilinski

We left yesterday shortly after dinner. This meant that there was no way I was getting at knitting done since I like to be able to see my stitches if I need to. I'm not quite so pro as to be able to knit in the dark...yet. (Movie theatre knitting, here I come!) We ended our first day of driving around midnight. 

This morning we left pretty early, which I was pretty excited about. (A whole day of knitting) I started strong and soon faltered. I decided to start on my shawl with the goal to finish it today. It turns out that bumpy Saskatchewan roads are not conducive to lace knitting. I then decided to work on my llama hat. Apparently I brought the wrong cable length. If it was shorter I could knit circularly and if I'd have brought a longer cable I could have used the magic loop method. I thought about working on my Monkey socks but the ssk and other stitches I needed to knit together wouldn't  be easy to work on the bumpy road. So I'm stuck working on the second So Square sock. There will be no shawl or hat for me, but there may be a new pair of socks for Ji. I'm a little upset about this. 

Oh well. Look, a wheat field. 

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