Birthday Day

Monday, July 15, 2013Virginia Bilinski

Today, July 15th is the double whammy of birthdays. My grandmother, Nana, is fortunate enough to be born right smack in the middle of summer and it makes me slightly jealous. (January 1st doesn't bode well for sandal lovers)

I have fond memories of spending lots of time during those hot, sunny days either on the front deck so we could be cooled by a breeze, or on the back patio if the breeze was too strong. I always loved Nana's birthday because it usually meant a sunny day outside playing with my cousins or grandpa, Pese, bbq, or chips from the local diner, going for a drive or walk to see the boats, playing at the playground, and ice cream. There was most certainly ice cream involved.

The past few years I have been living away from home and haven't been able to visit Nana for her birthday. I always try to call and send a card or something, but it just isn't the same as my fondest memories of her birthday is spending time with her.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful grandmother. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You've always been there for me wether I needed a ride, saving, a place to stay, or just to talk. I am so fortunate to have a Nana like you and hope you have a wonderful birthday even though I can't be there.


Over the past five year there has been another person to share the same birthday as my wonderful Nana. My husband, Ji is also born on the same day. The first few birthday's of his we shared together were over shadowed by Nana's birthday, but I've been working hard to correct this.

I think this year will be a real winner. For one, I got him to best, coolest, most thoughtful gifts I could think of. They are portal, mario and pac man, zelda, and whiskey related. All awesome, and manly things.You can't go wrong with those gifts.

Secondly, I am not making his cake this year. The past few years I've tried to make his cake from scratch and either the cake was too dry or the icing was too hard. And apparently, I do not possess the necessary skills to properly ice a cake so it comes out as a mangles, crumbly mess that is neither appetizing, delicious. I'm taking the extra safe route and going with a dairy queen cake! This can't be a surprise since I don't drive (yet) and it's much too hot to take an ice cream cake on the bus.

There will be a meal at home, and then I'm taking him somewhere special that I can't mention incase he reads this (but I doubt he will) But it's something he's wanted to try for a long time.

Happy birthday to my handsome, hairy husband. I love you and hope to spend many more birthdays with you and make them more and more awesome each year.

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