No Podcast Today

Monday, June 17, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I had every intention to podcast this week. I was even going to do it a day early (other things came up and it didn't happen). I had my projects all lined up and ready to go, my show notes were written, my camera charged, everything was ready to go. And then I decided not to.

Things aren't going to be full of knitting this next week. My non-knitting friend didn't arrive until Thursday so I had some time to work on my projects. Now that she's here I'm trying to squeeze my knitting time in with my travel time, walking time, waiting time or any spare minutes. I'm finding that trying to squeeze all of my knitting into my spare moments isn't very enjoyable. This means that if I have a podcast today, then I won't have one next week.

I'm still waiting for a few dyes, my light box,and some other fun goodies to arrive in the mail. I would like to show them to you. They should be here this week and if I record this week, but not next week, you won't see them for a while. I'm terrible at waiting.

Also, today is a wonderfully sunny day and I would like to spend some of it outside and enjoying the sunshine. Maybe even knit outside.

For all of these reasons, I have decided not to record this week and I will wait until next week to do so. That way there is a lot to show you instead of a little bit this week and none next week.

I hope you understand.
Happy Crafting,

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