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Christmas is coming.

Friday, December 06, 2013Virginia Bilinski

There are only 19 days until Christmas! That's pretty scary as I only decided to knit for Christmas in November. The items I have left are quick ones but I'm still getting nervous.

Deciding to start blogging again during the Christmas season probably wasn't the best idea! I won't be she to show you to much. I know only my aunt and grandma watch the podcast and they won't say anything. But I'm not as sure about who reads the blog.

I guess you'll have to do with pictures of Miles and other bits of knitting.

Today I received a wonderful package from my friend, Katie. It was such a great pick me up and it was full of goodies. Christmas sure cane early this year! I'll only show a few images here because there are so many items and because I'll show the whole package in all is glory on the podcast.

A fun London charm that now lives on my Filofax.

An adorable set of Halloween stitch markers which were used on a Christmas wip.

She also sent the markers for the January monthly theme! I couldn't resist using this one on a gift for my dad.

That's about it for now. I really hope my next post will be a bit more concise.

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