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Too Late on a Friday

Friday, December 20, 2013Virginia Bilinski

One of my new years resolutions for this year was to knit a sweater, as well as some other lofty goals that I'll touch on a bit in this post. (I do plan to do a goal review post soon.) This year I managed to cast on and knit a few inches of a crazy cabled sweater. That for me is a bit of a success but I got scared off by the waist shaping.

Being a big chicken, I ran to the Amy Herzog craftsy class. I decided I would watch the videos and then work on the Ginny cardigan. Once I finished an easier sweater I could go finish my cabled one. Good plan, but I only got half way through the videos. Well there's always next year.

Another one of my goals was to do a colourwork piece. My friend, Elly, hat just designed a colourwork sock pattern and has asked me to test knit it for her (it's also in a knit purl version but I thought it was time to face my fears). So here I sit, 5 days until Christmas and 12 days until the new year (my birthday, yay!) and I have a cm of the ribbing done. I will not finish before the year is over but I want to ask you... Does this count? I started them in 2013 but will not finish until 2014. Which year do they count for in your books?

Also, what do you think of the new layout?

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