My adventures in blocking

Saturday, October 01, 2011Virginia Bilinski

I splurged and bought some Malabrigo yarn and knitted myself up a cowl. It was amazing to knit, so fun and soft. It's been on the needles forever waiting to be cast off. Well tonight I finally did it and then came the blocking. What?? You want me to put this expensive yarn and time intensive WOOL project on a bath tub full of WARM water. You've gotta be   f***ing with me!! But I cleaned and filled the tub. Took a last picture of my fuzzy creation and dunked it into the tub being careful not to shake it up too much and then I sat on the couch and had a panic attack for 5 minutes. "What have I done?" "Will it ever forgive me?" "Is blocking all that necessary?" Then I went and rescued my cowl from it's watery grave and surprisingly, it was ok! Then I put it on a towel and rolled it up and squished it out and stabbed it to my ironing board. I can still hear its screams from my dining room. But I know by tomorrow when it's stitches have had some time to calm down, it will forgive me and we'll have a glorious winter together.

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