Handmade stitch counters and markers!

Friday, October 21, 2011Virginia Bilinski

I decided to make some simple stitch markers for a swap... and then it got out of hand.

While looking on etsy for inspiration, I came across beaded stitch counters and had to make some for myself! So after a trip to Michael's and $50 later, I had all the supplies I needed... for a small knitting army.

 I started with this Pink Dragon's egg counter. The beads already had hoops on the top and bottom so I just had to put the rings between them and add a dragon charm and I was done.

*To use it, you just start at the top or bottom loop and use that as your first row. Each time you move on to a new row, you move to the next ring to count up to 10 rows. The charm is so you know which end you started at*

Then I made some sets of stitch markers. I just used the same rings as the counters and added a bead and a charm. This is where it got a little out of hand...
I made way too many singles, and then I made an Alice in Wonderland set and a Halloween set.
After this I added a beaded tail to a clip to keep the sets on so I wouldn't loose them. For the Halloween set I decided to add a clip stitch marker to the end of the tail to make the set equal 6.

I also made 2 witch markers from a set of earrings and added them to each set. This way I had a significantly different marker to mark the beginning of rounds if I was using more than one marker while knitting in the round. 

Here they are on my current sweater project :)

So, what do you think? I really liked making them and I love using them even more! I just can't decide if I should add the to my Etsy shop or not. I would probably sell the counters for $12 and a set of 6 markers plus clip for $12 as well. Suggestions would be great.

Happy Crafting,

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