Socktober 2011!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011Virginia Bilinski

Yay it's already october and with it comes Socktoberfest! A month long celebration of sock knitting. I'm currently working on my first pair of socks, only have about 4 inches to go in a top down pair. It's already become apparent to me that sock knitting is highly addictive. You can knit around and around with nota care in the world, but then you need to pay attention to do a magical heel turn and some gusset decreases. After that you can stop paying attention again and blissfully knit along.

What I love about socks:

1. The yarn comes in so many colour ways, in a variety of fibers.
2. Good bang for your buck: You can have a pair of socks for $10 of yarn and it's really nice yarn too.
    3. Portable. You can knit them anywhere if you've packed them properly. I'm knitting two at a time and put the two skeins in a small bag so the yarn doesn't tangle and I can put my unfinished socks in the bag while travelling.
    4. There are so many gorgeous patterns and you can try new techniques on them. Afraid to try an intricate lace pattern on a huge shawl? Give it a go on a pair of socks to get comfortable with it first.
    5. There's just something about it. Socks are a great knit and there's just something mystical about a heel turn to me.

My Goals for Socktober:
1. Finish my Twilght socks from Two-at-a-time socks.
2. Start and finish Monkey by Cookie A.
3. Start a 3rd pair of socks.

Happy sock knitting,

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