Oh the Knitting I Have Done

Thursday, November 08, 2012Virginia Bilinski

This is the weirdest Christmas season so far. And for you who don't understand a knitters Christmas Season, it usually spans from late August right up until December 24th and maybe a bit later if you end up falling short and having to hand out i.o.u.s. This year, I won't be home for Christmas and I won't be visiting my family either. I'll be on a cruise which doesn't sound very Christmassy to me but I still can't wait. I was able to see my dad and step-mom in November so I decided to make that our Christmas. So I knit like a mad woman for a few months and came with with a pair of So Square socks and a My Wish shawl, which I forgot to take pictures of.

I've already finished a pair of socks for my sister and have plans for a cowl for her. I have a bit of spinning to do and then knit that into a cowl for my mom and that's it. Two cowls and I'm already finished my Christmas knitting. It is the beginning of November and I absolutely do not know what to knit for myself. I have a Vivian sweater I could swatch for and cast on, but I swore not to until after Christmas knitting which, technically, isn't finished yet. I've got some socks on the needles from travelling but don't really feel like socks. And I'm working on a scarf for a friend, but that won't last long.

Not having any intensive Christmas knitting is making it feel like I'm finished my Christmas knitting yet I know I'm not and can't justify casting on my sweater. So it looks like I'll have a few unproductive weeks ahead of me until I get the fear of failure in me and start knitting like a mad woman again.

Happy Crafting,

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