Into the Pit

Thursday, May 09, 2013Virginia Bilinski

The weather has finally had a turn for the better. The sun is shining, the tank is clean... err I meant, the grass is green and we are getting out of here (the house). Hubby and I spent the first nice day outside trying to grill hamburgers on the barbecue but were unsuccessful. We have a Traeger and it's a smoker/bbq type thingy and it just wans't getting hot enough. We spent the second day trying to get the bbq to work and fixing the fence so the dog can't escape. Since there is no longer any snow holding those boards down, we figured we better be safer than

This also means that spring cleaning needs to go into effect asap. This has been taking quite up quite a bit of my knitting time, but also seems to be a losing battle. We'll tackle the kitchen and the next day the island will be full again. Same with the coffee table in the living room. I don't know what's wrong with us or this house. It feels like we are in a time loop and whenever we clean something, it's just undone right in front of our eyes. It's madness! I'm going to try really really hard to get the kitchen and bathroom cleaned today and hopefully they stay that way for once.

I have also decided it's finally time to clean out my craft room. We moved into this house about a year ago, right before the wedding. We cleaned the rest of the house like mad since we were going to be having guests over after the wedding and the craft room ended up being the place to dump everything that didn't have a home yet. Fast forward a year, and the craft room is still full of boxes and is still the place to dump the things that don't quite belong anywhere yet. Those things should go to a garage sale, but I don't think we have enough junk to sell off yet and none of my yarn is leaving the house like that no matter how much hubby wants it to.

The craft room clean all started when I was looking for my 2.5mm fixed harmony circular needle. I KNEW I had it and it just wan't in the spot I was looking for it. I looked everywhere...that was accessible, and just couldn't find the damn thing. I finally started going through boxes and in one of them I found this monstrosity.

There is some hand spun, a bobbin, knit picks felici in goth, knit picks stroll in jade heather (this is by memory) and some other odds and ends. And guess what. My needle was in there! This pile is still sitting on my desk glaring at me. I know I can easily wind it back up (it looks worse than it actualy is.. I hope) and I just can't bring myself to do it. Why? Because my desk where I record and do vkns and sew and stuff looks like this.

That big big in the upper left is the box the yarn blog came out of. Then there is my lamp for recording, some pretty yarn and projects from recording on the left. Some random skylanders and Mc Donald's toys in the middle and other random crap. 

They say that things only get worse before they get better. I've decided to start on one side of the room (by the door) and work my way to the other side. As I'm cleaning out the closet, I'm finding all sorts of random crap and that stuff finds it's way onto my table. I'm hoping to have this cleaned up asap, but it takes time away from my knitting and there's the issue. I can have a clean and tidy room, or I can finally finish these socks.

Which would you choose?

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