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Episode 15: Have you met Vanessa?

Wednesday, June 05, 2013Virginia Bilinski

E15 from PenguinSoup on Vimeo.

Firecracker socks
Knit Picks Stroll in firecracker heather and white
2.5mm 9” circ

PPSS w/ gusset
Skating Rink 1987 w/ strobe light sparkle
2.5mm 9” circ

Pomme de Pin Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
Shelridge Farm Soft DK in Mint colorway
Size 6 & 7 us 32”circs

Just Enough Ruffles scarf by Laura Chao
Great Adirondak Yarn Company bamboo cotton in Chilipepper Colorway
Size 10 47” circs by signature needle arts

Toe up Vanilla socks
Kirbywirby Handyed yarns with sparkle in My Huckleberry Friend colorway
size 2 9” hiya hiya circs
The Silver Pumpkin on Etsy sock bag with Amy Butler fabric

More toe up vanilla socks
Knitpicks Bare Stroll dyed by me and Kirbywirby
The Knotted Bag on Etsy

Striped Cardi from 60 Quick Baby Knits
Cascade 220 SW merino in pink and cream
Size 6 24” and 9” circs
The Silver Pumpkin on Etsy Shawl bag in Sugar skulls

An Almost WIP on HOLD
Heart to Heart Socks by Wendy B. Johnson from Socks in a Box
Knitpicks Bare Stroll Handyed by me
2 Size 2 ½ 16” knitpicks circs
Dr. Who Tardis Bag from The PloverBird at www.theploverbird.bigcartel.com

Blocked my Large Clarus Shawl by Laura Nelkin

I forgot to mention in the show that my PB&W socks are finished.


What’s Next?

Review Something!
Interweave Knits Summer 2013 (Next time)

Mail Call:
Ginny's Loot:
From Vanessa:
Jordana Paige Bella
Stitch Markers

From KirbyWirby:
I Heart Jake Ryan
Black Ice
Top Secret Yarn
Into the Whirled Bigger on the Inside

From Katie:
Stitch Markers
Cross stitch

Dr. Who Shipment!

Evil Dead from the Fright Night shipment.

Cool Stuff!
Vanessa is recording with me!
Follow blog through e-mail is set up
Working on getting an @penguin-soup.com email
June Stripey KAL use #penguinsoupjunekal2013
*Donated tote. Winner picks
New logo is still working
Added Donations button to the blog\

Stitch Makers Contest
For a chance to win a set of I <3 from="" markers="" need="" penguin="" podcast="" soup="" span="" stitch="" to:="" vanessa="" you="">
  • be a member of the group
  • Go to her etsy shop: VintageRoseKnittique and check out the goods.
  • Do Both tell us what stitch marker sets you would like to see Vanessa make next
  • And give us your best name for the PenguinSoup colourway!

Big News!
Im going to be dyeing yarn!

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