The Demise of the Ballwinder

Friday, June 28, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I was finally getting back to work on my dyeing after doing about a billion other things that have to do with the shop. (That's a whole other blog post) when my ball winder broke! I just heard a very loud grinding and cracking sound and it stopped working! I'm flabbergasted. I didn't expect so many thing and issues to arise while opening this shop. I was supposed to dye some yarn and people would buy it and everything would be right in the world. I was duped!

Now, with the ball winder death I'll need to replace that, and probably my swift as well since the swift has been giving me a hassle since I got it. I'm going to see if the nice people at KnitPicks will replace the ball winder (I really don't have any problems with it) and maybe refund my swift like was previously offered. If I get that refund I'm going to look into buying a vertical swift so it takes up less space and puts less strain on my poor cheap ball winder (I know cheap could be the issue but it worked fine the last year!).

What this all means is that my production has stopped and that really makes me sad because I was looking forward to having everything ready to go asap. Plus, dyeing is amazing amounts of fun and I love getting to play with yarn and calling it "work". I guess this is ok since I'll be away for the weekend enjoying Canada Day at the cabin. No internet and very little 3g means I'll get to knit and play on my 3DS for a bit and possibly go boating if the weather is nice.

Enjoy your weekend,

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