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Friday, June 21, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I have pictures taken to write a really nice post about my garden and it's new, updated look. I really don't have a green thumb so this is super exciting news for me. I just haven't really had a lot of time for blog writing though. I apologize and I should make time. I do have plans to sit down and write a bunch and set them to release every few days and then write a few weekly to keep it going. But let me give you my excuses.

I have had a severe pain in my side since I was about 15. I'm finally starting to get some actual tests on this and I had to get blood work done twice this past week. I was also sent to an oncologist to see a blood specialist to get a diagnosis. The questions asked scared the crap out of me, hinting at cancer. It turns out I'm fine. This pain I may grow out of, but there's nothing I can do about it. And no cancer. So after all of these tests and this scare, I was dizzy at work and had to take a few days off. I'm healthy and ok now, but this didn't really put me in the blogging mood.

And on to better news. I've finally started dyeing! I've dyed Kaylee (hot pink and brown) and Bulbasaur (inspired by the sprite and not the anime so it's light green and a tealy green) I've got three more skeins soaking now and I can't wait to dye some more! It is a lot of fun and I'm absolutely loving the results. My best estimate for when the shop will open is in 3-4 weeks. I'm still waiting on my logo to be finished up and then I need to design it into a banner and ball band, order some business cards and maybe a few more things. Then I have to wait for shipping. The wait should give me the time to play with my light box and get some accurate pictures and write up descriptions for the shop update.

I'm sorry about the lack of videos, blog posts, and activity on ravelry. I always make an effort to check instagram almost daily and respond to my comments there. If you'd like to stay in contact with me and see more frequent updates, add me there as @penguinsoupknits. I'm also sorry for teasing you about the dyeing and the shop update. I'm going slowly to make sure that everything is done properly and set up so that my life will be easier when it's opened and that I'll have a better chance at success.

I hope you'l forgive me,

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