Updates!! Again

Tuesday, July 02, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I'm sorry I've been kind of away for the past few weeks. Things have gotten busy and a lot of tiny details needed work. Here's a quick list of what's going on.

1. The blog (if you haven't noticed) now has a subdomain. You can find it at This is because I want my store known as my main site since you can get blog links there.

2. My shop is up! (ish) I am still working on it so it is very rough and I'll be working on it throughout the next week or so. I wanted it up so it could get some traffic and you can check out the new digs. I have the first five skeins I've dyed listed as "coming soon". There is some information on the store site that I wanted you to see though. Such as:

3. Such as my Newsletter promo! Now on the blog in the upper left hand corner there is a place to put in your e-mail address and sign up for the newsletter. I'll talk about shop updates, give previews, and release special, newsletter only coupon codes so sign up!

4. I now have an e-mail address. If you want a quick way to contact me this is how. (Or ravelry) There is a "contact" spot on the store that you can click and fill out if you have any questions, store related or not.

5. My photography sucks

6. Yes, this is late, but I'm not using etsy for my store. Sorry. You can check out through paypal with the new one.

7. I'm still waiting on my logo. This is why the banner in the shop now is stock and the pictures in the slider looks really lame. Also, my photography sucks.

8. I was fighting with the domains all morning and this means the show won't be recorded until tomorrow morning, and then hopefully uploaded that evening.

9. No, I haven't started spinning yet. Maybe I'll have time this week. We'll see.

10. Special guest on the podcast next week!!

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