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Thursday, July 18, 2013Virginia Bilinski

Well, there really isn't anything to update you on since I haven't really been spinning. I've spun a wee little bit, but nothing enough to show you or to even really count. I'm kind of ashamed of myself but I have good reasons many many excuses to try to appease you.

  1. I have a job and am working to make money to fund the start up of my store (I don't work that much at all at that job)
  2. I'm busy knitting to try to show you something for the podcast (I know, I can show spinning as well)
  3. I have been busy dyeing new yarns for the update and even fiber for the winner of TdF too! (I spent one day dyeing since TdF started)
  4. I have been putting all of my time and effort into the opening of this store. (This one is true)
Got to love how I'm debunking all of my excuses except for the last one. The last one is really true. Now you're probably saying "how much time can it take.. really?" and the answer is a lot. There's dyeing (long process) taking pictures and editing them, writing product info, setting up the store. I've recently gotten my logo so I've ordered everything I need now and can open soon, but this means I have to resize it to about 5 or 6 different sizes for each social media site. (I forgot about youtube, that's next)

In truth, I am just about done everything with the shop and am super excited to open.
(If you haven't heard yet, the date is July 31 @ 4:00pm CST) and this means that I'll have more time for blogging (like now) knitting, and even spinning! (That is, until my next batch of yarn arrives awaiting a colour transformation)

I'm thinking I might do my own mini TdF where I'll have a goal to spin every day for a week or two. But we'll see how everything pans out.

**A huge thanks to those who have been participating and posting in the PenguinSoup TdF group! There will be prizes! Fiber, bad, maybe a needle case. We shall see! 

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