Changes Ahead

Tuesday, November 26, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I've done a lot of thinking (since yesterday) and I think there are a few a lot of changes that need to come into play in the new year.

The first change will be to this blog. I believe a new template is in order (and I think I've found one). The current one is starting to get a bit stale and while all of the picture and slider options are nice, my camera just doesn't cut it. The quality of the photos is bringing the blog down, so that needs to be done away with.

The second change will be in preparation for yet another. After this blog is looking great, I'll go over to wordpress and work on implementing a pretty blog over there and then importing blogger to wordpress. Once this massive undertaking is over, I can then look into upgrading to a premium account and/or getting a server to host my blog and podcast myself. These last changes will most likely happen much later in the year or maybe even the next year.

My ballbands will be redesigned with special club specific ball bands. There will be special holiday balbands to go with holiday themed yarns.

I will be looking into a few more fun details like a personalized stamp, buttons, stitch markers, maybe new stickers. Pretty much a packaging facelift as well.

Lots of new plans in motion, I just have to find the time to get to them!

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