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Monday, January 20, 2014Virginia Bilinski

Did you know that you can follow me on social media sites for updates, sneak peeks and coupon codes?

Ravelry: PenguinSoup
Ravelry is a knitting forum filled with wonderful people and wonderful patterns. The best this is it's free! If you join the PenguinSoup Ravelry group you can interact with others who watch the show, ask questions, and enter for kal (knit along) and giveaway prizes!

Instagram: Penguinsoupknits
I'm pretty active on IG. It's a photo sharing app that's pretty fun. I post pictures of my puppy Miles, what I'm knitting, new yarns, funny things and other random stuff. I also announce updates and VKNS here.

Google+: PenguinSoup
I use Google+ to host the weekly VKNS. A VKN is a virtual knit night where a few of us get together and video chat while knitting. Topics range from knitting to books to food. No topic is banned, but please be appropriate. VKNs are currently every Thursday, starting February they will be every Wednesday. The first and third Wednesday will be at 3pm CST, the second and fourth will be at 7pm CST. You can click the "PenguinSoup Events" link on this site to see a calendar of the VKNs and updates.

Facebook: PenguinSoup
I'm on facebook and use it to give updates or post funny pictures. Less active than IG. If you like my page on Facebook and click the Storenvy tab on my page you get 10% off your next order. You can also sign up to the newsletter from Facebook, and this website.

Twitter: Penguinsoup_
I'm just recently becoming more active on Twitter. I announce updates and vkns as well as post sneak peeks and funny things. I'm working on becoming a bit more active on this social medium.

Plurk: PenguinSoup
Plurk is a mix between twitter and instagram and I'm still not sure about it. I post about updates and vkns there but that's about it right now.

I do my best to keep the feed on all of these media sources fresh. I try not to repost anything except announcements. The best way to get me is on Ravelry, Instagram and Twitter.

Extra: Newsletter
You can sign up for my newsletter through Facebook or at the bottom of this page. You won't be sent spam and you can cancel at any time. Any big news will be talked about in detail in the newsletter. Weekly skeins are announced, update previews and coupon codes are all in here.

Here's a few images from the newsletter that just went out about the last colourway for January's theme, The Hobbit and the update on January 24.

Valentines Colourways on the bottom, Punky Princess and Twilight Sparkle. All Self Striping!

Week 4: Tauriel. available for Preorder 23-28.

Stormy Night. Available in the Friday Update!

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