The Holiday Dash

Thursday, January 05, 2012Virginia Bilinski

I did it! I finished everything I planned to this Christmas. It ended up being down to the wire, and by this I mean sewing together a 3 foot dragon at 4am Christmas Eve day, whew! but I did it! The only issue with being finished so late and in such a scramble is that, well, I forgot to take pictures of everything.

So I can give you this list and then I'll post pictures at a later date when I can get them.
Pese - Twilight socks in knitpicks canopy colourway
Trudy - Cowl in Malabrigo, duplicate of mine.
Peter - So Square Socks in malabrigo sock
Elijah: JJ the Fire Dragon (aka crochet dragon of doom) in whatever was laying around

This is a huge YAY! but I guess I should start on next year's gifts..

Also, my latest project is The Beekeeker's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits. You use left over sock yarn to make these things called hexipuffs that you stuff and sew into a blanket. The good thing is that they are extremely addicting. The bad thing is that 1. You need over 700 of them for a blanket and 2. I'm running out of left over socks yarn. This means I'll have to actually start knitting socks again so I can get more leftovers for my hexipuffs.

I'm also working on Mr. Fox as part of the 12 TOK patterns in 2012. I'll be making 1 Mr. (bulky weight) 2 Mrs. (worsted weight) and 1 mini (fingering weight) so that takes 4 patterns out of my 12. ^_^

I'm seriously in love with TOK patterns and the amazing community that's built around them on Ravelry. They're becoming my online knitting family. They are super generous and kind hearted and have always been there when I needed a pick me up over the holidays. I really hope to post pictures of everything soon!

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