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Wednesday, March 13, 2013Virginia Bilinski

It's been a rough few days. I started my trip out snowboarding and tried to go up a hill before my lessons. I then had a panic attack and was made fun of and rode the lift of shame back down. With my confidence shattered, I attended my first lesson in a terrible mood. I did ok though, they said I was a level two or three out of six. 

My second day I did a run before my lesson and the heel edge of my board caught and I fractured my tailbone. I was unable to attend my lesson that day but after lunch I went and did two more runs anyways. 

Day three I tried to switch to skiing. I went to a lesson and cried like a baby. I was on the conveyer for kids and they stopped it and I jerked forward wrenching my poor tailbone. This happened three times. Yes, I did cry more than the kids on the hill. My instructor made me go to ski patrol where they poked my tailbone then tried to get me to take oxygen all while yelling questions at me. When I got back my wonderful father in-law told me to book myself a spa treatment. I had the Glacier which consisted of a rose moisturizing wrap, a soak in a tub and a one hour massage. Afterwards I felt like a million bucks, just a little crinkled. 

Day four I rode the timber (really long lift) to the Lost Boys diner at the top of one of the peaks. It was freaking cold (did i mention it was snowing... a lot) but fun and we had good good and good conversation (but a terrible view). I rode it back down and froze some more. Then went to explore the shops of Fernie with my aunt ... In-law (is that a thing?) it was lots of fun and there were some really cool shops. I got some fudge for Ji and Rose bought me a present! I got 16" size 5.0mm needles so I can start my hat and sock blockers!! I no longer have to use my misshapen coat hangers. I'm so excited! 

Day five is tomorrow and I've got packing and leaving to do. It will take us  three days to get home. I'm really hoping to do an episode tomorrow sometime and then a real one on Monday after I get home. 

Just a few updates for you. And here's some pictures my hubby took at the top of the mountain. 

Some of these are screen shots from a video so not the best quality but still awesome. 


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