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Episode 25: Organized

Monday, September 23, 2013Virginia Bilinski

Cheated and started Halloween Socks.

None! Just packed boxes

Peggy is in the new house and she broke! The leather connecting the treadle to the shaft came undone. I can get some new leather, but I have no idea how to tie it. Help please!

Review Something:
Product Review!                              
Knit Picks Swift:

  • Noisy
  • Peg looses wood and no longer holds swift up
  • Constantly drops it's load
  • Not a "Quality Swift" and not worth the money. Spend a bit more to get better swift

Mail Call:
Pocket Domino Filofax!
DYI Fish inserts

Cool Stuff:
Regularly scheduled VKN's! Mondays at 6:30 CDT. (Starting Monday, October 7th)
I'll try to have two afternoon ones a month for the UK viewers.

I will stop shipping orders Friday 27th. You can still order, but all orders will be processed the weekend of Saturday 5th and shipped Monday 7th.

Updates are postponed until I can get unpacked and have a schedule set up again. (Probably around the 14th of October

Club sign ups will close Monday, Sept. 30th at 10pm CDT.

First Game of Thrones Club of the Month club will be available Monday, October 7th. 10am

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