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Procrastination and Packing

Tuesday, March 05, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I hate packing because you never know what you'll need or what you'll feel like wearing that day. I always get made fun of for how much I actually bring, but this time it will probably be worse. I'll pack either my large or extra large suitcase full of clothes and sweaters and what not. Then my big duffle bag  that my sister gave me as an overnight bag for when we stop. Then there's my Lug Puddle jumper for my laptop, iPad, 3DS, and other entertainment devices. And, of course, my L.J. Kaelms for my knitting and purse needs.

Packing the clothes would be ok if I could get everything I might want to wear through the washer. The toiletries aren't that hard either, but they need to be last so I can get ready the morning we have to leave. The knitting is the hardest part. For this trip, I'm not sure exactly how much knitting time I'll have. The drive there and back is about a day and a half in the car so I'll probably spend a good portion of that time switching between knitting, reading, and playing games. I'm not sure if there will be a lot of time for knitting, or if I'll even feel like it after a day full of snowboarding and falling on my butt. We might also visit some friends on our way home, which would increase the drive but might lower the amount of time to knit because I'll be visiting. It's quite a dilemma.

I know for sure I'll be brining my So Square socks, Monkey socks, and an extra skein of sock yarn, just in case. I'll also be bringing my shawl and maybe another project of the like, probably my Orchids & Fairy Lights hat. My biggest issue is the sweater. It's quite a big project, uses two skeins at the same time, and has quite a few pages of charts to work from. I feel like working on this in the car could go splendidly or could go catastrophically. And since I can't decide whether or not to bring my sweater, I have put off all of the packing until I can make up my mind. I guess I better figure that out sooner rather than later.

For those of you wondering about Waffles and Miles, our friend Gord is coming to stay at our house and look after our animals. I'm leaving detailed instructions on what to do in certain situations with Miles since we're clicker training him and things have to be done a certain way. I'm sure it will all go swimmingly, and the worse thing that could happen is a few puddles on the floor. But I'll be worried and texting Gord probably a few times a day just to double check. I'm leaving my poor little puppy for the first time, and I hope everything goes well.

I'm looking forward to bringing you pictures of the rockies and whatever else amuses me during the car ride, and also trying to podcast from the mountains.

Until tomorrow,

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