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Trust Your Fingers

Sunday, March 03, 2013Virginia Bilinski

I'm trying to knit more! I had another 8 hour orientation at work so I was able to have some sock knitting time. Sadly, I forgot a contrasting coloured yarn so when I got the the point to insert the afterthought heel marker, I had to stop. I'm pretty sure that I could have finished that sock if I'd remembered to put it in my bag earlier.

I find that when I'm at home knitting in front of the tv, I tend to pay a bit more attention to what my fingers are doing than what's going on on the tv. I really need to learn to trust my fingers. They've made hundreds of thousands of stitches and i'm pretty sure they know what they're doing by now. During my orientation, I had to actually look at the slides that were being shown so I had to trust in my fingers to know what they're doing, to recognize the stitches and not drop any. It went so great! I was only a bit slower while purling, but that should speed up in time.

Note: I submitted my show to and their feedback was that the quality was low. If you guys can stick with me for a few more weeks, I'm looking into proper lighting and an HD camera (possibly the sony bloggie sport) so you can see the stitches in high definition! Just imagine all those glorious stitches!

Until tomorrow,

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